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A mom and dad explore a park from a picnic blanket with binoculars and their two toddler children thanks to Montessori Lake Forest

Montessori Schools have gained popularity recently for good reason. Inspired by the philosophies of physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori, they encourage children to be independent, self-motivated, and responsible, linking education to hands-on experiences. By encouraging students to use their own interests to engage with the subject matter, they have a more meaningful experience and are proven to retain information even longer! Whether your child is just starting preschool or you’re looking for an alternative to standard learning in public schools, a Montessori school could be the right system for your student. Here are some incredible schools for Montessori in Lake Forest

Give Your Little One An Engaging Head Start With These Schools For Montessori in Lake Forest

A young girl in a pink dress twirls and dances in a park at sunset

Montessori on the Lake

23311 Muirlands Blvd., Lake Forest, CA 92630

Founded in 1988, Montessori on the Lake has been a beloved institution for decades. The school found its name from its surroundings. Situated on a large private lake, each of the six playgrounds overlooks the water, fruit trees, grapevines, grass, and an abundance of wildlife. Montessori on the Lake is home to a team of exceptional teachers who help create a home away from home for every student, from infancy to middle school, offering immersive learning in a unique, comfortable setting.

Milestones Montessori of Lake Forest

23222 Lake Center Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Milestones Montessori of Lake Forest offers a loving, unique community for little ones ages 6 months through PreK. At their school, “learning extends far beyond the traditional boundaries of a Montessori classroom.” You’ll find classrooms where every inch encourages and invites learning and discovery. Enrichments like visual arts, music, foreign language, gardening, and others provide a well-rounded educational experience! 

A father lifts and plays with his toddler son and daughter in a park after attending Montessori Lake Forest

Bella Montessori

20602 Prism Place, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Bella Montessori provides children opportunities for intellectual, creative, social-emotional, and physical growth “through positive interactions that inspire a lifelong commitment to learning. Their curriculum combines STEAM classes and unique enrichment opportunities to provide a well-rounded experience. They welcome babies and children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. 

Scholarshine Lake Forest Montessori

25435 Trabuco Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Scholarshine Lake Forest Montessori is a beautiful school that emphasizes values like empathy, compassion, and conflict resolution from the earliest age. They offer programming for little ones 6 weeks through 8 years old, offering hands-on, experiential learning opportunities covering age-appropriate content. 

A father sits in a park at sunset while his toddler son in a tan sweater sits in his lap after visiting Montessori Lake Forest

Heritage Montessori School

29000 Portola Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA 92630

The name “Heritage” is inspired by Heritage Montessori School’s personal connection to Dr. Maria Montessori. Currently, the school is run by a third-generation Montessori practitioner whose grandmother studied alongside Dr. Montessori in India in the 1930s. Today, Heritage honors Dr. Montessori’s legacy by welcoming children ages 2 years through 9 years old to learn, engage, and grow at their gorgeous facility.

New Thought Montessori Preschool

20651 Lake Forest Dr. A101, Lake Forest, CA 92630

New Thought Montessori Preschool encourages their students to play, explore, and get dirty. All while they “embrace their inner love for the community while making friends and becoming respectable members of the world.” Children ages 2 – 6 will follow a balanced learning module divided into four equal parts: Care of Self, Care of Environment, Care of Others, and Academics.  

A young boy plays with a pinecone in a park with mom dad and older sister

Montessori Lake Forest

Check out these schools for Montessori in Lake Forest to see which one could be the best fit for your family! Your child will love learning in a hands-on, student-centered environment that puts them at the center of their own learning journey. Plus, you’ll love that they’re having fun while growing to love learning! 

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