A Guide To Finding The Best Newport Beach Orthodontist

A mom and dad laugh and hug their three children in an orange grove at sunset before visiting a Newport Beach Orthodontist

Braces are the biggest investment you can make for your child’s smile. The process can take years, and there are a lot of appointments full of adjustments and check-ups. While the right orthodontist will make the process as easy as possible, the wrong one can cause a long list of problems, including permanent damage to your child’s teeth. If you’re looking for a specialist committed to perfecting your child’s smile, I would love to give you a list of the best Newport Beach orthodontist practices. 

Capture Perfect Smiles With A Newport Beach Orthodontist

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Wynn Orthodontics

1901 Westcliff Drive, Suite 1

Newport Beach, California 92660

Wynn Orthodontics is a Newport Beach orthodontist that prides itself on their personalized approach. The center starts out by planning and designing your braces to create a path to the perfect smile! The center pledges to help regardless of age or severity. They offer alternatives to braces, including clear aligners. 

Newport Center Orthotropics Enhanced Orthodontics

1441 Avocado Ave #703

Newport Beach, California 92660

Newport Center Orthotropics Enhanced Orthodontics is a center featuring Newport Beach orthodontist Dr. William B. Brady. The office starts out with a diagnosis before moving into planning. Their customized approach will correct your teeth while offering you one-on-one care. They offer orthotropics for all ages, airway enhancements, and accelerated orthodontics. 

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Newport Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry

2515 Eastbluff Drive

Newport Beach, California 92660

Newport Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry is an office that uses state-of-the-art technology to offer unparalleled Newport Beach orthodontist services. You’ll start out with a complimentary evaluation before deciding on the best course of action. The office offers Invisalign, Acceledent Optima/Aura, Incognito, and surgical orthodontics. 

Family Orthodontics

4700 Von Karman Ave, Suite 1000

Newport Beach, California 92660

Family Orthodontics is an office that features a top-rated doctor ready to improve your child’s smile. The practice uses some of the top technology in the field. They offer flexible financial options with 0% interest and discounts for multiple family members. Family Orthodontics provides Invisalign, orthodontics for all ages, and oral surgery. 

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Dr. John Digiovanni

1401 Avocado Ave., #203

Newport Beach, California 92660

Since 1993, Orthodontist Dr. John Digiovanni has been working with Newport Beach families to create their ideal smiles. The office will start out with a complimentary exam before mapping out the best course of action. The center offers Invisalign for both adults and teens. You can also find 2 phase orthodontics, surgery, and surgery alternatives. 

Barkate & Nehi Orthodontics

2131 Westcliff Dr., Suite #200

Newport Beach, California 92660

Dr. Barkate and Dr. Nehi are two orthodontists with top credentials. This family-oriented space is committed to giving you your very best smile. The doctors are VIP Diamond Level Invisalign Preferred Providers and have helped over 1000 patients receive the treatment. You’ll also find traditional braces, InBrace lingual braces, and Damon Smile braces. They offer a complimentary exam so you can find out all about their service before you commit. 

A mom and dad pick oranges with their three young children before visiting a Newport Beach Orthodontist

Newport Beach Orthodontist

By finding the best orthodontist for your family, you can make sure your child has a smile they love! Check out these Newport Beach orthodontist offices to find the right fit.

If you need a way to show off your child’s brand-new smile, I would love to connect. I’m a Newport Beach family photographer, and I adore working with parents to preserve these precious years. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I would love to connect and tell you more about my process so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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