Why Expecting Moms Love Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group

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Pregnancy is such a special journey, filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness. Whether it is your first time, your last, or something in between, each pregnancy is unique. As an expecting mom, finding the right healthcare provider is crucial to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy experience. That is where Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group (OCWMG) comes in. OCWMG stands out by offering comprehensive care and support to each of their female patients. Serving over 50,000 women in Orange County, and affiliated with the HOAG Clinic, Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group a popular choice among expecting moms.

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3 Things Expecting Moms Love about Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group

Expertise and Experience

One of the key factors that set Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group apart is the expertise and experience of its medical professionals. The group boasts a team of over 20 experienced board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists. All of the staff have a wealth of experience in guiding women through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Variety of Healthcare Services

OCWMG also has more than a handful of Certified Nurse-Midwives on staff, for women looking for safe, alternative methods for their birthing experience. Having both Midwives and OBGYNs on staff, it is truly the best of both worlds!

Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group also has Dieticians available for nutritional counseling. They can help with eating healthy during prenatal care as well as for general health after the baby is born. Whether you are looking for traditional medical care or exploring alternative options such as midwifery care, this group offers a range of choices over 7 different locations, to suit your individual preferences.

Doctors of OCWMG Mothers’ Rave About!

Without question, one of the most key determiners of whether a pregnancy goes smoothly or not, is determined by who is overseeing your pregnancy journey. Nothing eases the burden of wild pregnancy symptoms or unusual questions as having a doctor who you can trust.

Read on to find out some of the most popularly reviewed physicians of OCWMG.

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Top 3 Most Loved Physicians of Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group

Dr. Grace Kong, is hands down a mom favorite. In OCWMG reviews and local mommy groups mention her name over and over in them. Applauded for being sweet and attentive, mothers describe her time and time again as being a great listener and thorough with her explanations. She is genuinely caring and helps moms feel at ease. So if you are looking for a wonderful doctor, who is loved my most everyone she meets, she has got to be the one.

Dr. Heidi Cough is described as being super positive and she makes her patients feel like they’re in great hands.  Her patients love her. She is very attentive and therefore takes her time comprehensively answering patient questions. People also describe Dr. Cough as being kind and compassionate and someone who moms feel comfortable trusting their babies with.

Dr. Susan Mendelsohn has been a long-time physician at OCWMG. Moms describe her as being compassionate, efficient, supportive, and down to earth. She takes the time to check in about any concerns patients have. Many of her patients have been with her for over ten years. She has a straightforward approach to patient care and communication, and a very loyal following when it comes to patients who love her!

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Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group

In conclusion, if you are looking for a place you can trust for your pregnancy or OBGYN needs, Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group could be the place for you! With a wide variety of healthcare professionals to choose from, and locations in Orange County, the choices are plenty. Do keep in mind that because of their popularity, some common complaints from moms are the long wait or lack of responsiveness from some of their clinics. Please always do your research before deciding what clinic to trust your pregnancy journey with, but my hope is that this post helped shed a bit of light into the OCWMG experience.

Pregnant mom in white dress showing her pregnant belly standing in a grassy field outdoors. Orange Coast Women's Medical Group

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