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A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle surrounded by blue flowers in a studio

A good birth experience can be one of the most profound moments of your life. Finally, you can hold the baby you’ve felt for months growing inside you, and everything seems right in the world. While a positive birth experience will preserve the sacredness of this moment, a bad one can lead to complicated trauma every time you remember the first minutes of your baby’s life. Working with a midwife gives you the knowledge necessary to empower you through your birth plan. If you’re looking for an Orange County provider, I would love to tell you all about South Coast Midwifery

A newborn baby in a blue sleep cap yawns while laying on a bed in a studio

About South Coast Midwifery

6817 Quail Hill Pkwy

Irvine, California 92603

South Coast Midwifery is a practice founded by Lorri Walker, an experienced midwife with a national reputation as one of the best professionals in the industry. The center’s goal is to normalize pregnancy and childbirth rather than treat it as a medical emergency. 

They offer exceptional prenatal care for low-risk pregnancies. The midwives work with women to figure out their ideal birth plan. While they’ve assisted with countless home births, they also have a comfortable birth center where you can deliver in a home-like environment. 

A newborn baby in a knit bonnet with ears sleeps in a basket with sunflowers and other wildflowers in a studio with help from South Coast Midwifery


South Coast Midwifery provides exceptional prenatal care from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Your first appointment will last approximately 60 minutes, and you’ll have a conversation with your midwife regarding your health history and current wellness. Follow-up appointments will last 30-45 minutes, and you’ll spend that time with your midwife creating your birth plan. Through each appointment, your midwife will ensure you are thoroughly educated to empower you throughout your delivery. 

If you choose to deliver in the birth center, you’ll have a cozy atmosphere complete with oversized tubs, large beds, birth swings, TENS units, breast pumps, and nitrous oxide. The birth center is less than a mile from the hospital. If you choose a home birth, your midwife will ensure your space is ready for your delivery. Once labor starts, she’ll be by your side and make sure your experience is everything you want. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle while being cradled by parent's hands after using South Coast Midwifery


South Coast Midwifery offers holistic care for any stage in life. Their well-woman visits will take care of your physical health as well as your emotional health. The midwives can prescribe oral birth control, insert IUDs, and help you with family planning. They can also perform pap smears and annual exams. 

The center offers a chiropractor at the location who specializes in prenatal care. She’ll help you with anything from common back pain to labor preparation.

A newborn baby sleeps in a basket with sunflowers in a studio thanks to South Coast Midwifery

South Coast Midwifery

At South Coast Midwifery, you can take control of your prenatal care. Check out this center today so you can have the right birth plan for you! 

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