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I heard about We Play Loud for the first time when I was talking to a friend about wanting so socialize my son. We weren’t ready to send him off to a daycare center yet, but I desperately wanted to give him more opportunities to interact with other children around his age. That’s where We Play Loud entered into the chat. We Play Loud is an indoor playground that offers lots of different play areas for kids to run around. There is a special area for toddlers/younger children as well, so they aren’t running into the big kids if you don’t want them to.

My husband and I are constantly looking for places to take our son, so we were excited to hear about We Play Loud. After doing some hours of research, I came up with a list of pros and cons for this indoor playground. Take this review with a grain of salt. But if you don’t have time to do this kind of research, you can now consider it done (by me).

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About We Play Loud in Huntington Beach & Lake Forest

The Pros

  1. Two locations in Orange County

Both locations, Huntington Beach and Lake Forest, are decently spaced apart from each other. This makes We Play Loud accessible to a larger geographic group of people in OC. Having two locations also helps thin out the crowds a little. This is important because there are days when these types of locations become pretty popular for parents trying to stay out of the rain or heat.

  1. Obstacle courses and unique rides

There are slides and obstacle courses for the kids. People have complimented the little rides they offer, some that can spin around in circles. All the attractions have padding and are perfect to entertain the little ones for a couple of hours while allowing you to rest for a bit.

  1. Exclusive to young kids only

There is a height maximum for the kids. The age group they serve is from 6 months to 8 years old. This is nice because if your kids fall within that range, they will be able to enjoy the place without bumping into much larger and rambunctious older kids. Something that is a common problem in large play places similar to this one.

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The Cons

  1. Heavy Wear and Tear

A very common complaint about these establishments is the amount of wear the rides have gone through over the years. You cannot deny that these attractions have gone through years of love. Even though the majority of the rides are still serviceable, the amount of items broken or taped together, has been a disappointment to some parents. Some recalled having a great time in the past, when it was still new and in excellent condition. However, over the years, the consensus between parents seems to be that they would like some of the damaged rides to be retired, and new ones to replace them.

  1. Arcade Games

Now this could be a pro, depending on which side of the debate you are on. However, many parents agree that the increase in Arcade Games at We Play Loud, is a con. The reason for it being that many parents are seeking a screen free experience for their kids. When they take them to these kinds of physical exertion play places, they don’t want to encounter more digital games. Another thing to note is that you have to pay a separate fee to play with the Arcades. Parents have found that having Arcade games nearby causes their children to become distracted and beg to play that instead

  1. Staff Issues & Cleanliness

Another common issue parents have had is that the play areas don’t get wiped down enough, or that the areas are still unclean even though someone recently entered the space to clean it. Also, parents have been complaining that some of the staff members have been unfriendly at times. However, there have also been plenty of compliments about the staff being great!

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We Play Loud

Overall, We Play Loud came highly recommended by a friend of mine. However, like most places, it comes with a few flaws here and there. I always recommend checking google or yelp before taking your child to We Play Loud to check for the latest reviews. However, this list of pros and cons will send you in the right direction in terms on what to possibly expect.

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