The Ultimate Irvine Trampoline Park Guide

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If your kids are bouncing off the walls on the daily, you’ve probably found yourself wondering about some good Irvine Trampoline Park locations that you could take them. Being a mom, I know how important shaking all the excess energy out of my child is. Two words: peaceful naps. That’s all I want, some nice and continuous peaceful sleep at the time they’re supposed to be tucked in. That’s where this Irvine Trampoline Park guide will come in handy. Whether it is to blow off steam or to celebrate a special day, you know your children will have fun hopping around to their hearts’ content. Here are some locations within driving distance of Irvine.

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The Highest Rated Irvine Trampoline Park Locations

Firestorm Freerunning and Acrobatics- Ultra


If your child enjoys trampolines and acrobatics enough to make it a regular routine in their life, Firestorm is such an amazing place to send your child to. They offer classes to children 4 years and up, in a variety of categories. From parkour, aerial silks, trampolining, tumbling, and ninja courses it not only allows your child to exercise, but it teaches them focus and discipline all while having fun. Coach supervised and guided, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe and in good hands.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for a place for your child to spend a day hopping around an obstacle course gym, Firestorm also offers this on some Open Gym days. These are specific time slots throughout the week where kids and adults can pay a flat fee to use the facilities at their own leisure. You can also host parties of 10+ here on Saturdays (please invite me). I also couldn’t help but notice that Firestorm also offered adult activities- aerials silks anyone?? But it is definitely worth checking out not only for the kids, but also for any adults who still have a little bit of kid in them.

Overall, I am a big fan of their offerings and mission statement!

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Rockin’ Jump – Orange County

(Santa Ana)

From basketball, to rock climbing, to dodgeball, Rockin’ Jump boasts a variety of different activities your child can participate in while jumping around. Staff try to keep the area clean and well maintained throughout the day, and it is a great location to book a birthday party. Additionally, there is a hurricane simulator available which can have wind up to 78 mph. There is also a separate arcade that offers games and prizes.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park


Both kids AND grownups enjoy the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. Unlike most trampoline places, this location has a lot of space to move around without having that usual cramped feeling. You can do an aerial rope obstacle course, which is a pretty unique offering for these types of places. Also, there is a really cool laser tag course. There is a rock climbing wall and your usual jumping trampolines. If your child loves ball pits, they will love these obstacle courses that catch them in a pool of balls. Come ready to release your toddler for hours of fun, or come be a kid again alongside your own kids.

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Party Kingdom


A great place to bring your kids and host a birthday party, Party kingdom contains slides that end in a ball pit, obstacle course climbing arenas, and nerf gun parties. If your child loves climbing and jumping on trampolines, they will love this place. What is nice about this location is that there is a smaller kid area and they take reservations for time slots. This helps keep the volume of kids more reasonable. People especially love this location for private parties. So if you are looking into hosting a birthday party for your toddler, definitely look into this place!

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Irvine Trampoline Park

So whether it is for a party, a day out with the kids, or even a date night with your hubby, check out these places next time you are looking to hop the time away! Save this Irvine Trampoline Park list for a perfect resource for a weekend activity. Also, pro tip, go on weekdays to keep the crowds more manageable.

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