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A mom and dad sit on a bed smiling down at their sleeping newborn baby in mom's arms

While Mary Poppins may have set the bar high as far as finding nanny perfection, the right nanny for your home exists and is waiting to be paired with your family! Pacific Elite Nannies is a wonderful Orange County nanny agency that works hard to match professional, experienced nannies with families in search of full-time care. If you’re searching for your very own Mary Poppins (but maybe with a more contemporary approach to childcare), look no further – Pacific Elite Nannies is here to save the day!

About Pacific Elite Nannies

9114 Adams Ave #631, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Pacific Elite Nannies owner and founder Kady Weatherby comes from a large family and grew up with over 100 foster children in her home. From an early age, she’s had experience caring for and loving kids from a variety of backgrounds and special needs. With over 20 years of nanny experience, including working as a career nanny and an au pair in Australia, Kady is an expert on the “ins, outs, and in-betweens” of the nanny industry. She knows the importance of advocating for both families and nannies, helping to establish a healthy, happy relationship. Kady’s passion for the industry and extensive background led her to open Pacific Elite Nannies in 2016, quickly becoming one of the top agencies in Southern California. 

Pacific Elite Nannies offers a personalized approach rooted in the knowledge (and experience) that no two families or nannies are alike! They tailor their nanny-hiring experience directly to the needs of you and your family. All of the nannies in their database stay updated on CPR and First Aid certification and are encouraged to continue their professional development with childcare-related courses. “Elite” is in their name for good reason!

A new mom nuzzles noses with her sleeping newborn baby


Pacific Elite Nannies exclusively matches families with full-time nannies. They expect to work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. When you begin the placement process, you receive the profiles of a few nannies specially selected to match your family’s needs. You then set up interviews with the nannies whom you think may make a good fit and schedule a trial day to see them in action within your home. Once you have found your nanny, Pacific Elite will guide you through the hiring process and start running a background check (including criminal history and driving records.) 

Once your nanny begins working with your family, Pacific Elite will provide ongoing support. If your nanny needs a sick day or to take vacation time, they’ll provide back-up childcare. Whatever you need, they are your go-to resource for childcare support! 

A new mother stands in a window with dad cradling her sleeping newborn daughter in a white swaddle thanks to Pacific Elite Nannies


While Pacific Elite Nannies works exclusively with full-time nanny placements, they can also help you find newborn care help for the weeks and months following your baby’s arrival. Their newborn care specialists are highly qualified and know exactly what your baby needs for a happy, healthy start to life! 

Additionally, they offer event care for corporate events! If you’re planning an event or gathering and you’d like to be able to provide your guests with quality childcare, Pacific Elite Nannies is a great place to find it! 

New parents sit on a bed cradling their sleeping newborn baby daughter thanks to Pacific Elite Nannies

Pacific Elite Nannies

Pacific Elite Nannies is one of the best agencies in Orange County for finding your family’s perfect fit. After all, your nanny isn’t just a babysitter; they’re a part of the family! Check out their website for plenty of additional information on hiring a nanny and for their contact information. 

Once you’re feeling yourself again, why not schedule some pictures to celebrate? I’m an Irvine photographer as well as a mom myself. So I understand how helpful a nanny is. I want to ensure you have this special time documented. If you’ve been considering booking some pictures for your family, then I’d love to connect! So contact me today to find out more.

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