Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry: Your Child’s Stress Free Dental Visit

A mom and dad sit across a sofa playing with their toddler son and newborn baby after visiting Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry

The dentist can be terrifying at any age. We’ve all had the experience of having to hype ourselves up before our visit just to get through it. For kids, the appointments can be downright jarring. The initial visit is supposed to take place around your child’s first birthday before they even have a concept of what’s going on in the world. They’re still cutting teeth left and right, and now, there’s a stranger poking at them. It can be a pretty scary experience with the wrong dentist. If you need a compassionate office to make these appointments much more relaxing, I would love to tell you about Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry in Foothill Ranch. This cheerful office will turn your child’s visit into an unforgettable adventure! 

About Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry

26700 Towne Centre Dr. #270

Foothill Ranch, California 92610

Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry is a remarkable office dedicated to making your child’s dental care enjoyable. From the moment you step into the office, you feel transported to a brand-new world. Clouds hang from a blue-lit sky, and a hideout in a tree offers a space where your child can play on a tablet before their appointment starts. 

There’s a beverage station, TVs streaming Netflix, and smiling staff members ready to help your child. The office has state-of-the-art technology to keep your child’s visit running smoothly. The primary dentist, Dr. Nasem Dunlop, has been featured as a Top 40 Dental Specialist in America Under 40. No matter what you’re looking for in a pediatric dentist’s office, you will find it here! 

A mother and toddler boy sit on a couch smiling down at the newborn baby in mom's lap after visiting Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry


One of the office’s top priorities is protecting your child’s smile. During the early visits, your child’s dentist will talk with you about caring for their teeth. As your child gets older, they’ll feel empowered to take on their own dental care through the healthy habits instilled by the dentist. Their fluoride treatments prevent tooth decay, while their dental sealants protect new adult molars. The office will treat tongue ties through minimally invasive frenectomies performed with a CO2 laser. 

The office offers exceptional restorative care. Your child can get stainless steel crowns, pulpotomies, silver diamine fluoride fillings, space maintainers, and gentle extractions. They offer sedation, including laughing gas, in-office IVs, and general anesthesia. They can also offer help for last-minute dental emergencies. 

A mother in a tan dress sits across a couch with her newborn baby in her lap and toddler son next to her


The practice is dedicated to making dental care accessible to every child. Their special needs care will offer customized assistance for your child’s unique needs. They offer comforting toys and can make accommodations such as reducing light levels, turning off background music, providing earplugs, and playing your child’s comfort music.

A toddler boy looks down at his newborn baby sibling in mom's arms while sitting on a couch after visiting Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry

Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry

At Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry, you’ll have compassionate care to make those childhood dentist visits as relaxing as possible. Check them out today to keep your child’s teeth healthy! 

If you need the perfect way to show off your child’s brilliant smile, let’s connect! I’m a motherhood photographer and adore working with parents to document their family’s journey. I would love to talk with you and tell you about my style so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today so we can chat!

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