Find The Best Birthing Center in Long Beach for Your Baby

A newborn baby sleeps in a knit bonnet with bear ears in a studio thanks to Birthing Center Long Beach

Your baby’s birth should be a profoundly meaningful moment in your life. Unfortunately, bad birth experiences can cause trauma and leave you with complicated memories every time you think about your delivery. While creating your birth plan, it’s crucial to consider every aspect of your birth center and ensure they have the amenities you need to make your plan a reality. If you’re currently looking for a birthing center in Long Beach, I would love to tell you about three of the best. No matter your preferences, I’m positive you can find the place that’s right for you. 

Find The Perfect Birthing Center in Long Beach To Support Your Unique Birth Plan

A newborn baby smiles in its sleeps while being held by mom

Long Beach Birth Center

1224 E Wardlow Rd

Long Beach, California 90807

Long Beach Birth Center was started in 2021 by Meredith Bowling, a birth doula, and Childbirth Educator committed to creating a space where women could receive total prenatal and birth care. The center offers licensed midwives who will give you the attention you need for a laid-back pregnancy. While your midwife can assist you through a home birth, they have a birth center designed to be a home-like environment. You’ll have access to two large rooms with spacious beds. You’ll also have soaking tubs inside your private bathroom. So you’ll be able to move around throughout your labor. Following delivery, your midwife will ensure you’re on the road to recovery before letting you head home with your newborn. 

A young boy lays on the floor next to his sleeping newborn baby sister in a studio thanks to a Birthing Center Long Beach

Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital

2801 Atlantic Ave. 

Long Beach, California 90806

If you’d prefer a Long Beach hospital for your birthing center, check out Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital. This high-tech center offers private rooms where you’ll have a birthing bed you can adjust to the most comfortable position. Your room will include a large bathroom as well as plenty of space for your support person. The hospital is determined to ensure you remain in charge of your delivery. If any interventions are necessary, they’ll educate you prior to ensure you feel confident in your care. The hospital offers maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists, and subspecialists. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a knit bonnet wirrounded by colorful flowers after using a Birthing Center Long Beach

St. Mary Medical Center

1050 Linden Ave

Long Beach, California 90813

The Family Birthing Center at St. Mary Medical Center is a hospital setting that ensures kindness is at the core of their Long Beach maternity care. Before you deliver, you’ll work with your provider to figure out the birth style that’s right for you. If you’d prefer to have an unmedicated delivery, they’ll empower you to make it a reality. You’ll have a private room where you can relax between contractions. The center offers a Level IIIB NICU in case your baby needs a little extra help following delivery.

A newborn baby sleeps with one leg sticking out of a white swaddle in a studio

Birthing Center Long Beach

The most important step in creating your birth plan is finding your birthing center. With a Long Beach birthing center, you can find the center that fits your plans beautifully! 

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