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A mother sits in a field of tall grasses playing with her infant son at sunset before visiting Great Foundations Montessori Irvine

The popularity of Montessori Schools is on the rise – and for good reasons! Montessori philosophies put children at the heart of their own learning, allowing them to explore their own curiosities, question the world around them, and learn at their own pace. Renowned worldwide for its effectiveness, Montessori challenges the methodologies of contemporary education. Here in Irvine, Great Foundations Montessori offers children the chance to make their own discoveries while learning the important skills needed to be well-rounded individuals and good global citizens. Keep reading to learn more about Great Foundations Montessori in Irvine

About Great Foundations Montessori Irvine

Northwood – 4980 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620

Woodbury – 6304 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620

Great Foundations Montessori has two convenient Irvine locations to best serve our community’s families. Both schools prioritize safety and security with strict ID and entry requirements, including parental keypad codes and pre-authorized entry. All of the Great Foundations Irvine teachers and childcare staff go through a customized assessment to make sure they are highly qualified and competent, and Primary and Elementary program teachers also receive training through a Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education program that ensures they can provide an authentic Montessori learning experience! 

Like most Montessori schools, Great Foundations classrooms revolve around tangible experiences that are designed to encourage curiosity and instill a lifelong love of learning. Students work and learn at their own pace, choosing activities that appeal to their interests, regardless of age! 

A mother sits in a field with her toddler son in her lap on a picnic blanket


Great Foundations Montessori has four different programs for Irvine children of different ages: Infants, Toddlers, Primary, and Elementary. Their infant care environment is designed for mobility, with a curated environment that is warm and cozy. The Toddler program engages little ones ages 2 – 3 in in ways that make sense to them in their world, encouraging learning and discovery through active play. Toddlers will build skills in language, social and emotional growth, physical and motor skills, and self-help! 

The Primary program is for little ones ages 3 – 5 and offers both individual and one-on-one learning interactions. They’ll get to experience practical life exercises like pouring, sorting, and washing, as well as teaching control and coordination of mind and body. They’ll also explore key subjects like music and movement, science and nature, cultural awareness, history, math, and more!

Lastly, the Elementary Program gives learners the freedom to explore abstract thought, offering a more structured approach that facilitates a smoother transition to elementary school. Students will learn how to make decisions, use their time wisely, and approach mistakes as learning opportunities in a non-competitive environment.

A mom kisses her infant son while sitting on a picnic blanket in a park before visiting Great Foundations Montessori Irvine


The Montessori method incorporates elective programs that allow children to learn and grow while playing and exploring creative outlets! Great Foundation offers weekly extracurricular classes and activities during the day for additional fees (and class availability varies by location, so check with your preferred Great Foundations Montessori  Irvine location to see what they offer!) Sample extracurricular classes include art, Spanish, athletics, martial arts, dance, and gymnastics! 

Additionally, Great Foundations’ proprietary Grow Fit program encourages a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn about nutritious eating, physical fitness, and developing lifelong healthy habits that will establish a healthy future! 

Great Foundations Montessori Irvine

Great Foundations Montessori in Irvine is a wonderful, nurturing environment where children can not only grow but also thrive. If you think the Montessori model would benefit your child, schedule a tour; you’ll get to see firsthand the ways in which a Montessori classroom can truly make a difference in a child’s learning!

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