Discover the Best Newport Beach Pediatric Dentistry for Your Child

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Going to the dentist can be frightening at any age. Dental pain is no joke, and the wrong dentist can transform a single appointment into your new greatest fear. As adults, we understand the importance of powering through the nerves and scheduling regular appointments so we can keep our teeth in great health. Kids, however, might not have the same understanding. The best thing we can do to protect their little smiles is to find a dentist who will make your child’s visits as relaxing as possible so they don’t develop long-term anxiety. Here are the best Newport Beach pediatric dentistry offices that will give your child a positive experience! 

Keep Those Little Smiles Shining With These 5 Newport Beach Pediatric Dentistry Offices

Newport Pediatric Dentistry

2135 Westcliff Dr., Suite 200 

Newport Beach, California 92660

Newport Pediatric Dentistry is an office featuring Dr. Christian Lopez. The practice offers a clean space where your child can come and receive preventative care such as cleanings and fluoride treatments. The office can assist with spacers, tooth extractions, pulpotomies, fillings, and dental emergencies. They offer sedation through in-office IVs, nitrous oxide, and general anesthesia.

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Newport Hills Pediatric Dentistry

2674 San Miguel Drive 

Newport Beach, California 92660

Newport Hills Pediatric Dentistry is an office with several dedicated dentists who will brighten your child’s smile. The practice offers a cozy waiting room with an easel and a screen to keep your child entertained before their appointment. They’ll teach your child all about proper oral hygiene throughout preventative appointments. They offer restorative services, including emergency dental care and fillings. They’re also here for sealants and silver diamine fluoride. 

Fisher and Surger Pediatric Dentistry

1401 Avocado Avenue, Suite 507

Newport Beach, California 92660 

Fisher and Surger Pediatric Dentistry specializes in providing your child with personalized care. From the very first appointment, they’ll work to get to know your family so your child can feel comfortable throughout the following visits. They have overhead-mounted televisions so your child can stay distracted with their favorite shows. The practice offers laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, computer-assisted general anesthesia, and DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection. 

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Hersch Pediatric Dentistry

400 Newport Center Drive, Suite 701

Newport Beach, California 92660

Since 2000, Hersch Pediatric Dentistry has been offering kids low-stress appointments. The office features three dentists and an orthodontist. They’ll work with you to make the first visit as relaxing as possible. The center offers preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, pulpotomies, and sedation dentistry through nitrous oxide, IVs, and general anesthesia.

Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics

360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 508

Newport Beach, California 92660

Daghlian Pediatric Dentistry & Sokolowski Orthodontics provides a sunny atmosphere where your child can receive dental care. Each member of the staff is committed to making your child’s appointment a positive experience. The office offers laser treatments, sports dentistry, teeth whitening, functional medicine, dental sealants, and nitrous oxide. An on-site orthodontist can get your child on the way to a straighter smile. 

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Newport Beach Pediatric Dentistry

With the right dentist, your child can ditch the dental anxiety and actually enjoy their visit. Check out these Newport Beach pediatric dentistry offices today so you can build up healthy habits! 

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