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For some children, the key to success is a learning environment that offers child-led, hands-on learning opportunities. Montessori schools are the epitome of developing the whole child through self-guided learning, teaching important skills like self-awareness, empathy for others, and confidence. LePort Montessori Schools has several locations throughout Southern California, including five locations in Irvine. Keep reading to learn more about LePort Montessori in Irvine!

About LePort Montessori Irvine

Dr. Peter LePort was a surgeon, businessman, and parent who was dissatisfied with the quality of education his children were receiving at a young age. Having previously studied the ideas of Dr. Maria Montessori, he chose to send his own children to a Montessori school. While he saw firsthand the ways in which the Montessori methods benefitted his children, he was also frustrated with how poorly the schools were managed. He was also frustrated that despite the success of Montessori education, there were no programs nearby that went beyond 5th grade. 

Once again frustrated with the quality of the public school education his children were receiving in middle school, he decided to hire a teacher to homeschool them. Dr. LePort took the time to work with her to develop an innovative education program, which logically led to the opening of his own Irvine Montessori schools. Combining the best aspects of Montessori and classical education, he created a system of education that offered Knowledge for Life. 

Years later, LePort Montessori skills employ the best and most passionate teachers and administrators, exceeding expectations of other daycares or traditional private schools.  

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The Learning Experience

LePort Montessori classrooms are beautiful spaces designed with functionality and beauty in mind. From infant spaces with built-in kitchens to toddler rooms with in-room toilets to make potty training convenient, all classrooms are intimate spaces laid out so every child is constantly in sight. Whereas other daycares and preschools have spaces that are often cluttered and decorated in bright, distracting colors, LePort Montessori classrooms are simplistic, zen-like spaces. Natural materials and finishes, bright natural light, and displays of beautiful (and sometimes fragile) objects validate children that they are worthy of living in a beautiful, serene setting. There are also spacious outdoor play areas with plenty of materials for exploring, crawling, climbing, and balancing. 

A LePort Montessori education embraces Knowledge for Life concepts, including the deep understanding of content, the application of thinking skills, and strength of character. Their well-designed programming uses students’ prior knowledge of earlier skills to learn new content, reinforcing knowledge through continuous application. Learn more about this engaging educational methodology in-depth on their website!

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LePort Montessori has 5 convenient locations in Irvine, each with a unique way of serving the families in the Irvine community! Here are the LePort Montessori schools for you to consider for your child. 

LePort Montessori Woodbridge – 26 Lake Road, Irvine, CA 92604

18 mos – Kindergarten 

LePort Montessori Westpark – 1055 San Marino, Irvine, CA 92614

3 mos – Kindergarten 

LePort Montessori Orchard Hills – 3983 Portola Parkway, Irvine, CA 92602

18 mos – Kindergarten

LePort Montessori Mandarin – 3935 Alton Pkwy, Westpark Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

18 mos – Kindergarten 

This specific location is dedicated to delivering students a bilingual experience with a full immersion experience in Mandarin Chinese. All of the school’s teachers are native Chinese speakers who speak Mandarin with both children and one another. Students will also learn about Chinese culture through stories, songs, and more. 

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LePort Montessori Irvine Spectrum

North Campus – 1 Technology Drive, Bldg. A. Irvine, CA 92618

South Campus – 1 Technology Drive, Bldg. H, Irvine, CA 92618

3 mos – 8th grade 

This location offers students the opportunity to continue their Montessori education after Kindergarten. 

A father helps his son blow a dandelion in a field of tall grass while attending LePort Montessori Irvine

LePort Montessori Irvine

LePort Montessori Schools in Irvine offer children quality education in serene, nurturing environments that encourage exploration. If you’re considering a Montessori experience for your child, you’ll definitely want to consider a LePort Montessori school. 

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