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A toddler girl in a yellow dress stands on a couch while mom and dad sit smiling down at their newborn baby in dad's lap before visiting My Gym Tustin

Gymnastics is one of the best programs for your kids. Not only does it give them a chance to connect with other children their age, but it also teaches them balance and coordination, which can pay off big time if they decide to participate in sports. If you’re not quite sure where to start with your child’s gymnastics experience, I would love to tell you all about My Gym Tustin. This location offers friendly introductory classes to get your child tumbling! 

About My Gym Tustin

3061 Edinger Ave.

Tustin, California 92780

My Gym is a franchise that started over 35 years ago in Sherman Oaks, California. Since then, the chain has grown a lot. Today, there are currently over 700 locations across the entire globe. The gym remains so popular because of its exceptional classes. It’s been ranked as the top children’s program in the world. The center’s goal is to get kids active while creating long-lasting memories. My Gym Tustin caters to children of all abilities. The cheerful teachers are dedicated to providing a place where your child can feel comfortable while learning how to move. 

A dad sits on a couch holding his newborn baby daughter while mom leans onto him with their toddler in her lap


My Gym offers classes for Tustin kids ages 5 months-8 years. Their Tiny Tykes/Wobblers class is the perfect introduction for infants. You’ll stay with your child as they sing songs and practice stretches. From there, they can get started in the Waddlers/Gymnastics classes. Your child will get a gentle introduction to gymnastics while getting to participate in exciting activities. The Gymsters class will encourage gross motor skill development while still being sensitive to your child’s limited attention span. Once your child reaches Terrific Tots, they’ll feel confident enough to step up to the mat by themselves. The Mighty Mites/Whiz Kids classes will continue to focus on gymnastics while introducing beginner sports skills. You’ll also find fun classes such as Preschool Prep and Mini Ninja Training. 

A mom and dad smile down at their newborn baby in a living room while their toddler daughter plays on the couch before visiting My Gym Tustin


My Gym hosts regular Tustin Parents’ Night Out classes that give you a safe place to drop off your child for the evening. Go have dinner and a drink while knowing your child is getting to engage in exhilarating activities, playing non-competitive games, and feasting on pizza. Potty training is not required, and the events are open for children ages 2-7. 

The Tustin location features camps during school breaks. For a week, your child will have a daily place where they can go and unleash their energy. The gym offers drop-in classes, sibling discounts, and pay-by-day options. 

A happy mom sits on a couch with her newborn baby in a pink swaddle in her arms before visiting My Gym Tustin

My Gym Tustin

At My Gym Tustin, your child will have exciting classes that will introduce them to the wonderful world of gymnastics. Stop by today and enjoy a free class that will help your child stay active! 

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