Visit the Historic Orange County Zoo for a Memorable Experience

An infant baby girl in a blue plaid dress sits on mom's lap in a field of wildflowers after visiting Orange County Zoo

The zoo can be a pretty magical place for kids. The chances are high that they know all about animals through beloved books and shows. They have their favorite creature they’re constantly wanting to tell you about. Getting to visit the zoo lets them take the animals in their imagination and see them come to life in a unique way. If you’re looking for a local spot that will quell your little adventurer’s curiosity, I would love to tell you all about the Orange County Zoo. This center offers unforgettable experiences with real wildlife animals. 

About The Orange County Zoo

1 Irvine Park Road

Orange, California 92869

The Orange County Zoo got its start in 1905 when some red foxes were brought to the Irvine Park Region. The center expanded with a pair of mule deer in 1920 before spiraling into the park we know and love today. Currently, the park rests on over 477 acres and gives families the chance to see animals in their natural habitats. The zoo focuses primarily on animals and plants that are native to the southwestern region of the United States. A large number of the animals have been injured, orphaned, or simply cannot be released back into the wild. The zoo provides them with a humane space where they can roam in their own exhibits. The Orange County Zoo is currently operated by OC Parks and primarily run by passionate volunteers. 

A mom in a blue dress kneels on a picnic blanket in a flower garden with her smiling infant daughter before visiting the Orange County Zoo

All The Animals and Fun

The Orange County Zoo lets you choose your own experience for seeing countless animals. You’ll see beasts such as black bears and mountain lions as well as woodland creatures such as kit foxes, porcupines, great horned owls, and beavers. There’s a majestic bald eagle as well as positively adorable otters. You can also check out the barnyard filled with domestic goats and sheep. 

While you’re more than welcome to take a completely self-guided tour, the zoo offers audio tours available through your cell phone. You can walk around and listen to the many things the experienced animal keepers, veterinarians, and curators of education have to say about each animal. 

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The Orange County Zoo is a wonderful space, especially for younger kids. There’s a children’s zoo where toddlers can learn in an age-appropriate setting. There are also preschool programs that are themed around the different animals of the world. Your child can learn about the creatures of the deep through the Ocean Odyssey or the unique traits of different species with their Scales, Feathers, and Fur program. There are additional art programs that let your child create their very own wild animal. 

A mother in a blue dress sits on a blanket picking wildflowers with her infant daughter before visiting the Orange County Zoo

Orange County Zoo

The Orange County Zoo is a paradise for younger kids who absolutely love animals. Check out this amazing destination today with your little explorer! 

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