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A mom and dad hold and play with their infant daughter while standing on a beach

There’s a reason Montessori schools have gained such popularity in recent years. They are educational havens where little ones are encouraged to take ownership of their curiosity, learning at their own pace and through their child-led discoveries. Montessori environments are enriching and challenging, helping children grow to their fullest potential and developing a lifelong love of learning. Here in Irvine, Newport Montessori School is a wonderful option for families considering a Montessori education for their children. 

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About the Newport Montessori School

20221 SW Cypress St.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Newport Montessori School, a sister school of nearby Newport Montessori School and South Bay Montessori School, is a private institution serving children from 18 months through 6 years old. Rooted in the philosophies of physician and educator Maria Montessori, the school helps children become independent, self-motivated, and responsible learners. Newport Montessori’s nurturing, supportive environment encourages students to develop a sense of respect for themselves and others, learning to become a valued part of their community. 

Educating the “whole child” through a Montessori approach addresses every student’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs. Additionally, the school invites students to learn at their own accelerated pace, encouraging their curiosity and the development of independent thinking. After all, when children are allowed to learn about what they want in the way they want, it’s hard not to love learning!

An infant girl sits in mom's arms looking over her shoudler while walking down a beach


Furthermore, Newport Montessori School has several programs for children, including:

  • A toddler program for kids ages 18 – 36 months,
  • Preschool for kids 3 – 5 years, and
  • Kindergarten for kids 5-6 years old.

Every classroom environment is designed to be tranquil and comfortable, providing children with various opportunities to engage their curiosity and make discoveries. 

As students transition through the programs, their lessons become more abstract and collaborative, encouraging problem-solving, books, discussion, and critical thinking. Each child also engages with materials and activities that support the mission of an “education for life.” The school creates well-rounded individuals who love to learn. 

A mother in a beige lace dress walks down a beach stair set with her infant daughter on her hip


Newport Montessori School takes great pride in its highly trained and qualified teachers. Every instructor understands the importance of the bond between home and school. Moreover, they invest the time and care into getting to know each child and family personally. In addition to their accredited collegiate educations, every Newport instructor also holds a Montessori diploma. 

They are ambassadors of the Montessori approach, serving as “the environment’s designers, resource person, guide, role model, demonstrator, and meticulous observer and recorder of each student’s behavior and growth.” Each teacher also invests time in continuing education, staying updated with Montessori methodologies, California state requirements, and changing child development research. You can feel confident in the quality of education your child receives at Newport Montessori School!

New parents kiss their infant daughter on the head while standing in a park at sunset before attending Newport Montessori School

Newport Montessori School

Newport Montessori School is a wonderful institution for children to grow into well-rounded individuals with confidence, respect, and a love of learning. If you’re considering a Montessori education for your child, consider Newport Montessori! Set up a tour to see their state-of-the-art facilities for yourself and see if it could fit your child. 

A mom in a lace dress twirls on a beach with her infant baby laughing in her arms before visiting Newport Montessori School

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